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This is some words about my position on copyright as it relates to my photos...


As I understand copyright law, every photo taken by someone is automatically copyrighted; this is regardless of actions taken or not taken by a photo's photographer.

To me, many things about copyrights are way out of control; i.e., photo copyrights have been greatly mis-applied or rather not applied in practice regarding photos.

When we share photos online, especially on Facebook, things quickly get muddled beyond what most of us will ever understand about copyrights. Language in our Facebook small print agreements include things to the affect that Facebook totally "owns" everything that is ever posted. In turn, they reserve the right to do ANYTHING with such postings. Functionally true? I don't know.

My Position:

What is my intent of placing copyright notices on photos I take? First of all, I certainly don't expect to prevail over things like Facebook agreements; in part, that's because they have armies of lawyers around this specific subject. To me, it's an army-like-force that invented the language of the small print agreements, etc. in the first place --- with every nuance to their benefit.

The answer to my intent - in a nutshell is:

I want the "marketing" that placing copyright notices bring me. In practice, I only expect that marketing benefit.

I think that to expect otherwise would mean being prepared to spend thousands and thousands of dollars suing someone and untold hours of effort, in same if copyright infringements occured. I have no doubt that legally many photographers could win such cases... but unless you are Donald Trump like in resources, suing for such things is likely a very poor bet to make in getting any relief from copyright infringement.

Bottom line:

Please leave my copyright notices intact; thank you.


Rayl Barker

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